All my photographs are copyrighted and all rights reserved
Please do not use any of my photographs without my permission (even for private use).

The use of my work without my agent’s express consent or mine is PROHIBITED and will lead automatically to consequences. 

For informations, public disposal, sales or copyrights concerning my work you may contact me or

Véronique Martingay at 

 Tel : + 33 1 42 85 01 65 


5 Responses to “Copyrights”

  1. I like your photographs and even i am into this field.
    Will be great to add you as a friend.
    You can see my photographs at

    waiting for reply.

    Thanks and Regards
    Pranshu Dubey

  2. My website uses a lot of imagery in the various rooms, to illustrate the subject of music or meditation.

    It is very difficult to find photographs that capture both the colour and spirituality of India and yet which retain the human perspective, a sense of contact with the people. Your photographs do this.

    Perhaps you can contact me to dicsuss ways in which some of your images could be used on our website.

    Thank-you for sharing here,

    Paul Lloyd

  3. hello, i’d like to use one of your photos on a blog. i have a small book review on wrestling in India and you have some really nice shots. i know people usually don’t bother to ask for consent, but i respect your work and would really appreciate a positive answer. thank you,

  4. I would like to buy some color enlargments suitable for framing for use in my home ( 3 or 4 images) Is this something we can do? Can you furniish prices?
    thank you ,

  5. astonishing works that make more love with india culture and thier magical wisdom i like ur pics and ur quotes around it and actually i use some of ur pic in my blog iam sorry i didnt see ur copyrights announcement in the end so plz tell me if i can just put it from some days and then i will delete them
    love and respect

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