“Beyond is Arachosia”

"Beyond is Arachosia"


“Beyond is Arachosia. 
And the Parthians call this White India; there are the city of Biyt and the city of Pharsana and the city of Chorochoad and the city of Demetrias; then Alexandropolis, the metropolis of Arachosia; it is Greek, and by it flows the river Arachotus. 
As far as this place the land is under the rule of the Parthians.”
(“Parthians stations”, 1st century CE)

Those words are from Isidorus of Charax who described during the 1st century CE, “Alexandropolis, the metropolis of Arachosia”, which he said was still Greek at such a late time.
Alexandria in Arachosia was a city in ancient times that is now called Kandahar or Qandahar (Pashto: کندھار, Persian: قندهار) in Afghanistan. 
It was founded by Alexander the Great and it is believed that Kandahar bears Alexander’s name from the Arabic and Persian rendering of “Alexander”, which derives from Iskandariya for Alexandria.
In Hindi Alexander is called Sikander (सिकन्दर) because at that time people were hearing “al-eks-an-der” or “the Ksander”.

After the departure of Alexander the city became part of the Mauryan Empire. 
The Mauryan emperor Ashoka erected a pillar there with a bilingual inscription in Greek and Aramaic.
The Greco-Bactrian Kingdom occupied Kandahar after the Mauryans, but then lost the city to the Indo-Greek Kingdom.

Here again this image is a close-up of a sculpture of the Hellenistic period which is in Le Louvre museum (Paris) and I have been using colours in order to provide a fallacy of equivocation on what is human and what is not…


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  1. Your work is absolutely amazing — a fantastic talent. Congratulations!

  2. designldg Says:

    Thank you very much Marius, this is very kind.

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