About Laurent G

Laurent Goldstein was trained to be an architect, later he became the designer and the art manager of several high fashion companies in Paris, London and Milan before settleing in India in order to launch an household linen label involving people living with difficulties. 

Along the Ganges relationships with people are different and Laurent carries on this human adventure through photography, allowing him to extend his glance to the world and to show many aspects of the Indian society, sometimes deeply devoted to its traditions or forward-looking.
His attempt to capture the soul of people allows him to show the inner beauty of those who cross his way.

Varanasi (Benares), the oldest living city in the world, became one of his favourite topic where in a kind of biblical set, he is introducing people who are often wrapped in a state of grace.

The work of Laurent is currently published and exhibited in several art galleries all over the world giving the possibility to sustain the Education of several children in Benaras and to support Human Right organisations.

( For public disposal, sales or copyrights you may contact v.martingay@lacollection.eu or read the “Copyrights” page)

"Self-portrait with Serendipity"


25 Responses to “About Laurent G”

  1. Vikram Sen Says:

    A wonderful photographer and the heart and soul of Varanasi.

  2. Neringa (also called Ganga by her little niece:) Says:

    Dear Laurent,

    i’m amazed. your photos and their deep descriptions create an impression of being here and now. thank you for this. I havent’t been to India yet, but feel as if visiting it while looking at your works…
    Neringa (Lithuania)

  3. Delhi-rium Says:

    One of the best photo-blog about India.
    The photography legacy leaves me speachless and the lines are a wonder.
    I wish to know you better and I am trying to see your exhibition in Delhi.

  4. Caroline Lyons Says:

    Votre site est un enchantement, vous avez ici une collection de portraits magnifiques. Je rêve et je reviendrai souvent m’évader avec votre site. Merci pour ces instants de bonheur. Caroline

  5. Kamlesh Verma Says:

    Dear Laurant G….! i have seen ur all photography… it is rally amazing…! I like it…! I wish to meet u n attent ur photography exhibition in future…! wish you all d best for your creativity and prosperour life…!

  6. An astonishingly good blog. I love the photographs and how you have captured the essence of the subjects – a wonderful expression of the heart of India. Truly marvellous. Live long and prosper.

  7. Sue Kraatz Says:

    A beautiful man with a beautiful soul – his photos could only be magic!

  8. Not many photographers do justice to the beauty and poetry of the Indian male form. It is interesting to see you have found this beauty in the ghats and akhadas of Varanasi.

  9. I add this entry to my blog: http://miradadisplicente.wordpress.com/2009/07/29/laurent-g/
    In case you don’t want me to use those pictures there, please tell me.
    I LOVE your photographs.

  10. designldg Says:

    Thank you Caleb, It is amazing that you have found the same child.
    This pictures is also showing the inside with those beautiful tiles form the 19°.
    Thank you for sharing this.
    Have a nice day,

  11. Maulik Patel Says:

    Thank you very much!
    I’ve been finding these kind of pictures.. The real Indian pictures..
    Great work seriously…

    All the Best !!!
    God Bless You ..

  12. Dheeraj Sharma Says:

    I visited your Varanasi exhibition.
    Thank you for showing my culture with love and respect.
    I love your work.

  13. I am impressed with the way you have captured daily life in the different places in an artistic and creative manner. Makes me want to visit those places. Excellent, color, composition and interesting subject matter. Love all your images.

    You must have been asked this a hundred times, what camera an lenses do you use. I am assuming, based on website comments you carry a camera every where, so it is not a bi g SLR and huge lenses. What I am impressed with is not only your syle but the color, contrast and detail in each of your images, and since it is on the website, I am presuming that they not even full size.. Appreciate any insight.

  14. Sameera Khan Says:

    How do u walk around with so much talent on ur shoulders?!!You capture the most touching moments,brush them to shine and present them in a platter of the finest words ever written …!Its a journey in itself.ur blog.Thank u for making me travel.


  15. Wonderful pictures and words! Thank you.

  16. Lost my Mojo of creativity…..
    Your photos have re-awakend me.
    Thank you.


  17. It’s pleasing to know that there are thinkers in my country keeping the great culture alive. Even I’m a published Hindi poet. To catch a glimpse of my work, visit- http://souravroy.com/poems/

    Keep Walking…

  18. Hi
    Would it be possible to contact you?

  19. Dear Friend,

    Laurent G. I am a great fan of you, do regular visit to your blog but never leave a comment ever before this.

    I am resident of Banaras. and want to Know that what the rest of world says about India and its People Indians, though it hurts to here that Some says that Indians are brutal, but we know the realty. I want to know from you, that what is your opinion…

  20. Architecture’s loss… our gain!
    Great piece of work in every post.
    God bless you, always.

  21. Chance brought me at this blog and I flattered myself into relishing in the idea that ‘there is no such thing as coincidence’!
    Great work Laurent … I am glad people like you are there, making this world a more pleasurable experience! 🙂
    Best, always!

  22. Great photography

  23. ana,nico y victoria Says:

    Es dificil transmitir lo que uno siente cuando ve tú trabajo, quizá fuerza y algo que estremece…

  24. Prem Samtani Says:

    Ditto each and every one of the comments above…..

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