Free from Attachments

Free from Attachments

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“We should worship lord Shiva so that we are freed from our worldly attachments just like a fruit falls from a tree after ripening.
Once we are successful in doing this we are liberated from this vicious cycles of life and death.”
(Quotes from the Yajurveda, the third of the four canonical texts of Hinduism)

Since a few days this sadhu is sleeping on a board lifted from the ground by several ropes at Dashaswamedh (Main) Ghat in Varanasi (Benaras).
This morning it was a little colder than the rest of the week and he took a long time to wake up.
A priest came and gave him a cup of tea in order to warm him up.
I think that he made a vow not to leave this board in order to keep the attention of Lord Shiva and to be able to be free, liberated from the cycles of life and death…


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