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This is a portrait of Christophe.
Christophe is a French famed singer and talented songwriter.
His first hit was “Aline” in 1965 and he is famous for his eternal songs “Les Paradis perdus” (“Lost Paradises” – 1973) and “Les Mots bleus” (“The Blue Words” – 1975).
Whenever he is performing he is illuminating the stage, gathering any kind of people from all generations.
Christophe is a decadent and flamboyant dandy who is a mysterious loner drifting apart from the showbiz scene.
He is notorious for being an uncontrollable rebel with panache and poetry.

Voici un portait de Christophe.
Christophe est un chanteur français connu et un talentueux parolier.
Son premier succes “Aline” est sorti en 1965, ensuite ses chansons éternelles comme “Les Paradis perdus” (1973) et “Les Mots bleus” (1975) lui ont permis de trouver une grande popularité.
Lorsqu’il se produit il illumine la scène, rassemblant un public de toutes sortes et de toutes générations. 
Christophe est un dandy décadent et flamboyant qui est un solitaire mystérieux en retrait de l’industrie du divertissement.
C’est un rebel incontrolable mais avec panache et poésie.


Elvis Is Back

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Elvis Is Back


I took this picture of my friend Manoj as he was parking his motorcycle nearby the flower market which is located in the chawk in Varanasi (Benaras).
His sunglasses rock, they give him an Elvis touch…
Elvis Is Back! was the tenth album by Elvis Presley, released on RCA Victor Records in April 1960. 

This picture is my tribute to Alain Bashung, the beautiful and unforgetable French singer, songwriter and actor who died this evening in Paris.

Alain Bashung – Official Website:

For the people of Mumbai

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For the people of Mumbai


I took this picture this afternoon in Varanasi (Benaras).
This is the hand of a man who was dyeing a sari.
I was working on this image while I was listening to the news on TV telling about the Mumbai “terror” attacks.
Then instead of the pigment which is used for the dyeing process I saw blood.

Six weeks ago unfortunately I already wrote about those enemies of humanity, those who are the worst of human kind, they are even not humans anymore, this time they call themselves Decan Mujahideen.
We all believe in the same God even if we worship in different ways, but those people, whatever they think are away from God.

I can’t do much with a picture and a few words, I am just have some thoughts for the people in Mumbai, and I hope that this madness will stop soon tonight… 

(This picture was shot on November 27, 2008 and those words were written at that time).

A Telltale Patch of Colour

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A Telltale Patch of Colour


“Life is a beautiful tapestry that has been perfectly woven together.
We often do not receive what we want but we always receive what we need.
We alaways get what’s in our highest interest.
That’s one of life’s greatest lessons”.
(“Daily Inspiration” by Robin Sharma)

At a time of terror like what India is going through, I feel helpless with words and pictures, trying to see see beauty in simple things around me is a way to keep faith in human kind and those words by Robin Sharma are also a way to believe in a better future. 
This picture was shot near Bivi Razaia Masjid, a small mosque, which is in the chawk of Varanasi (Benaras).
After the dyeing process, saris are washed in clear water, in that paculiar water from benaras which gives that special touch to silk.
The silk that made famous Banarsi saris.

This picture is in the memory of French fashion designer Loumia Hiridjee and her husband who were killed at the Oberoi hotel during the terrorist attacks.
She launched “Princess Tam.Tam” a well-known French lingery compagny.