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Stolen Childhood

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A few days ago I saw this little boy at the vegetable market which is at the end of Dasaswamedh road in Varanasi (Benaras).
He was selling green beans sitting on a wooden cart for several hours.

Child labor in India is a human right issue for the whole world.
According to the statistics given by Indian government there are 20 million child laborers in the country, while other agencies claim that it is 50 million.
The Indian government has tried to take some steps to alleviate the problem of child labor in recent years by invoking a law that makes the employment of children below 14 illegal, except in family owned enterprises.
However this law is rarely adhered to due to practical difficulties.
People using children usually find loopholes and circumvent the law by declaring that the child laborer is a distant family member.
In villages there is no law implementing mechanism, and any punitive actions for commercial enterprises violating these laws is almost non existent.

Anyone who sees or knows a case of childlabor and doesn’t interfere becomes a sinner of complicity…


The Sleep of Reason

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The Sleep of Reason


“Childhood is the sleep of reason.”
(Jean-Jacques Rousseau – French philosopher, 1712-1778)

It was too hot that day in Varanasi (Benaras) and I left the ghats along the Ganges where there was no air.
As I was walking into a narrow street of Kashi, the oldest part of the city, I saw some amazing tiles on a wall with images of several Gods that I started to take in pictures.
Suddenly I heard a voice calling me from the upper levels of the building:
“Hey uncle, take my picture!”
And this young boy was waving at me, I took several shots and he started to bend over the window trying to give me the best smile.
His mother came in time shouting that if he was jumping I would have a better picture.
We all burst laughing, it was a happy moment and it is now a sweet memory captured with my camera.