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No Child Labor

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“Rights of the children are not questionable.
Child labor is not negotiable.
Child labor is the worst form of modern slavery.
Whatever excuse people may have, employing kids full-time is child labor.”


Recently I saw those words on a wall in Sarnath, at the entrance of of the place where His Holiness the Dalai Lama was giving his teachings.
This is the reason why it is also writen in Tibetan.


Yesterday was “World Day Against Child Labour”.
Around 115 million boys and girls under the age of 18 are involved in hazardous child labour.
Making a change is possible.
In India both employers and trade unions are actively involved in the fight against child labour, especially when it comes to keeping children out of hazardous work.


There shouldn’t be only one “World Day Against Child Labour”, we should think about this everyday…
Anyone who sees or knows a case of childlabor and doesn’t interfere becomes a sinner of complicity.
This year you are more than one million viewers to have visited my websites on Facebook, Flickr, WordPress and Ipernity, I am humbly asking you to think about this madness.
There is a child in each of us, it is easy to remember that once we were children as well…
We need to work together.
A child must be in school only and we need to educate the mothers as well.
Child labor is really not negotiable.


(As I wrote many times this file with pictures standing against Human Rights Violations and Human trafficking gets many comments and mails from people who don’t understand why I am raising my voice for this purpose.
The reason is that I should not have to justify those pictures nor my words as child labor is absolutly wrong and besides I truly think that there is no deal nor concession to make with providers or users of child labor.
Uploading those pictures is not a lack of respect to India nor to its traditions, the rest of my photostream shows my respect and true love for the country.
Of course I understand that this can be disturbing for those who are so used to have children working for them or to those for whom this is such a common thing that it became normal to see this without feeling anything wrong about it.)


Give a second thought about this……