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Without Fear of Ridicule

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Without Fear of Ridicule

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“BSP and its government in UP is against corruption and criminalisation of the politics since beginning and the part supports Anna Hazare in his campaign”
(Mayawati – Current Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, b. 1956)

This picture with statues reminding totalitarian regimes was shot at the Kashi Ram Green Eco Garden in Lucknow, the capital of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.
On the left it shows Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati Kumari who erected this memorial park on 120-acre of land.
She also erected number of statues of herself in many other cities and then she settled a plan for a special police force to protect them as she feared that her political opponents might demolish her work.
All this was done in order to show respect towards Dalit icons as she considers herself as one.
While watching such an expensive huge space it is easy to think that people would have prefer houses, schools and hospitals instead.

Mayawati became the first Dalit-woman chief minister of any Indian state and therefore a symbol for millions of Dalits (or “untouchables”) who were oppressed by the Hindu upper castes for centuries.
However there are allegations that she has used her status to amass a large amount of personal wealth.
Her assets run into millions of dollars with several properties to her name.
The CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) had filed a case against her for owning assets disproportionate to her known sources of income however she described the CBI investigation against her as illegal.
While the source of the funds was given as voluntary donations, CBI found at least 50 sweepers, hawkers, and rickshaw-pullers who had been asked to open bank accounts and sign blank cheques from which these funds eventually originated.
Her mega birthday bashes are major media events where she appears laden with diamonds.

Since last Tuesday a revolution started in India when Anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare was jailed in Delhi as he wants tougher laws against corruption at a time of many political scandals, including murders and misuse of public money.
Anna Hazare supporters are becoming numerous, he was realesed this morning but the government is facing it’s worst problem.
It seems that Mayawati doesn’t know Fear of ridicule when last morning she decided to support Anna Hazare’s movement.

This is just an exemple in order to explain the situation in India and to show that things won’t change easily but “Rome wasn’t built in a day” so let’s hope for better tomorrows…