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The Celestial Dancer

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The Celestial Dancer


“I’m not interested in how people move; I’m interested in what makes them move.”   

(Pina Bausch – German deancer and choregrapher, 1940-2009)


Maria Kiran is a young dancer who was born in Allahabad before  coming to France at the age of three.

She started studying Bharata-Natyam which is one of the oldest dance forms of India when she was six years old and later she also practiced Western classical Ballet for a few years.

Ever since she had an amazing career performing in many festivals and on some of the most important stages of Europe and India.


Last night it was Diwali, as Maria was dancing in front of me I took a few pictures trying to capture that glimpse of the manifestation of the soul that she was carrying out throught her choregraphy of codified gestures.