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Devas and Men

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“… it is hard to realise that we are both human AND devic in the most profound aspects of our humanity.
We are indeed human and deva and the two inseperatable parts are needed to make a whole person – one part totally unable to function without the other.”
(From “Devas and Men” by Southern Centre of Theosophy, 1977)

Dev Diwali, or Dev Deepavali, as the name indicates is the Diwali celebration of the Devas (Demi Gods).
It is believed that Lord Vishnu returned to Vaikunta, his abode on this day after the Vamana incarnation and visiting King Bali.
Another legend has it that Lord Shiva killed the three demons, who were killing the Devas and humans, and destroyed the three cities built by them on this day.
The day is also known as Kartik poonam or Karthik Purnima and Tripurari Poornima.
Dev Diwali is observed tonight on the full moon day in the month of Kartik in traditional Hindu calendar and this is the most important festival in Varanasi (Benaras).
It marks the end of the fortnight of Diwali celebrations and a major event on the day is the lighting of Diyas (lamps) during night after the moon is sighted.
The meaning of this festival is to eradicate our inner demons while meeting the Lord.
After leaving king Bali, the Lord rejoined the devas on this day, the devas celebrated His arrival in jubilation and thus Dev Diwali came into being.
Though the devas celebrated the Lord’s return, we mortals celebrate Dev Diwali by eradicating our inner demons – the base instincts of ego, anger, greed, lust, … and the resulting manifestation of divinity within.

This picture was shot at the begining of the celebrations when the moon was reflecting in the holy waters of the Ganges, showing this boat carrying a few pilgrims to the main ghats.

Happy festival to eveyrone…!!!

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