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Enlightenment of Our Souls

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Enlightenment of Our Souls

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“Om Sarva Mangal Manglaye Shivay Sarvaarth Sadhike
Sharanye Trayambake Gauri Narayaani Namostu Te”
“Oh the divine couple Shiva Parvati !
O ! Thee, the protectors of this universe,
Along with Lords Brahma and Vishnu
We pray to You for our well-being, prosperity and the enlightenment of our souls.”
(Lord Shiva Prarthana Prayer)

The power or energy of Shiva is Shakti, his spouse, of which Parvati is probably the most popular form.
Lord Shiva And Mata Parvati Ji are often shown sitting in happy, intimate embrace.
After their marriage, they left for mount Kailash and immersed themselves completely in a sexual intercourse so strong that the deity of desire Kama was reborn when their sweat mingles with his ashes.
Their love was so intense that it shook the cosmos and frightened even the gods…

This is a recent sculpture which stands in the “Kingdom of Dreams” complex in Gurgaon, it is inspired by a piece from the 11th-12th c.)