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The Sensual World

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The Sensual World


When I started to work on this set of images reminding the lost Indo-Greek Kingdom I wanted to mix shots of humans with shots of sculptures in order to provide a fallacy of equivocation on what is human and what is not.

All those sculptures were waiting for me in Paris’ Louvre museum and those male models were the same Indian wrestlers (pehlwan) whom have been posing last January in Varanasi (Benaras).
But no woman accepted to pose in India saying that those pictures were showing a world of sensuality in which they didn’t want to be involved in case any relative could recognise a part of their body…

As I was walking along the ghats, I saw this young woman coming back from the holy waters of river Ganga, she didn’t realise that she was offering a bare breast.
This is the only picture I took as another lady saw me and came to ajust her sari.
But maybe I was dreaming and this is one more close-up of a sculpture of the Hellenistic period.
Who knows what is real as everything around me is “Stepping out, off the page, into the sensual world”. 

“The Sensual World” by Kate Bush :