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Revealing the Monkey

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“Year by year, the monkey’s mask reveals the monkey”.
( Matsuo Bashō, “On Love and Barley: Haiku of Basho, no.3”, 1689)

This expressive langur lives in the wildlife sanctuary of the jungle of Bandhavgarh which is located in the Indian state Madhya Pradesh.

Amazing Malcolm

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Amazing Malcolm


This is a portrait of Malcolm Persson Braff, an amazing and talented jazz pianist.
Malcolm is perfoming piano in Erik Truffaz’ album “Benares” and this is how we met.
I took this picture recently, I find his features very interesting, only curves without angles, 
His “yogi” look distinguishes him by a solar happiness and reminds me one of the two yogins from the Upanishad, the one who pierce through the “sun”.

This is a link in order to drink the nectar of his music…


Heaven is White

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Heaven is White


This is another portrait of Christophe with the famous jazz trumpeter Erik Truffaz in the background.

My friend Erik invited Christophe with whom he often performed to sing “L’un dans l’autre” on his album “Arkhangelsk”.

The link of the video with English subtitles shows the recording of this beautiful and touching song.

Le paradis est blanc (Heaven is white) is a metaphor that we can listen among those words of poetry.



Voici un autre portrait de Christophe au côté du célèbre trompettiste de jazz Erik Truffaz.

Mon ami Erik a invité Christophe avec lequel il s’est souvent produit à chanter  “L’un dans l’autre” sur son album “Arkhangelsk”.

Le lien de la video montre l’enregistrement de cette chanson émouvante.

Le paradis est blanc (Heaven is white) est une métaphore que l’on peut entendre parmi ces mots de poésie.


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This is a portrait of Christophe.
Christophe is a French famed singer and talented songwriter.
His first hit was “Aline” in 1965 and he is famous for his eternal songs “Les Paradis perdus” (“Lost Paradises” – 1973) and “Les Mots bleus” (“The Blue Words” – 1975).
Whenever he is performing he is illuminating the stage, gathering any kind of people from all generations.
Christophe is a decadent and flamboyant dandy who is a mysterious loner drifting apart from the showbiz scene.
He is notorious for being an uncontrollable rebel with panache and poetry.

Voici un portait de Christophe.
Christophe est un chanteur français connu et un talentueux parolier.
Son premier succes “Aline” est sorti en 1965, ensuite ses chansons éternelles comme “Les Paradis perdus” (1973) et “Les Mots bleus” (1975) lui ont permis de trouver une grande popularité.
Lorsqu’il se produit il illumine la scène, rassemblant un public de toutes sortes et de toutes générations. 
Christophe est un dandy décadent et flamboyant qui est un solitaire mystérieux en retrait de l’industrie du divertissement.
C’est un rebel incontrolable mais avec panache et poésie.

Learning Humility

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Learning Humility


I met this young Punjabi a few weeks ago in front of the Golden Temple in Amritsar, the holiest city in Sikhism, located in the state of Punjab (India). He was with two of his friends, they were bathing in the holy tank where I saw them for the first time and then they followed me for a while asking many things about photography. They were really funny and full of energy. I took many pictures, on this portrait he didn’t want to smile because he broke a tooth in the front and this is why he looks so serious. I told him that I could fix this with Photoshop untill he goes to the dentist and I had to explain what this software is. Like many Sikh children he is wearing a Patka. It is is a simple cloth head covering, consisting of about two square feet of fabric with strings to secure it. The Patka is also worn by many adult Sikhs as a under-turban as well. It may be kept at bed-time as well, and during swimming and sports. In Sikhism covering your head is an action with the attitude that there is something greater than you know. Covering your head is also a declaration of humility, of your surrender to God.

Learning Happiness

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Learning Happiness


Whenever I come to Amritsar I always try to spend as much time as possible at the Golden Temple.
Of course the Harmandir Sahib is a cornucopia for any photographer but this is not the only reason, there is something indescribable about this place which attracts like a magnet, which brings an inner peace and an amazing feeling of happiness.
You don’t have to be a Sikh in order to let yourself drift into this spiritual path.
You just have to be honest and sincere with who you are in order to let what you are find serenity and happiness. 

This young Punjabi took a bath in the holy tank of the gurdwara, about an hour earlier I already took some other pictures of him when he was with some of his friends.
There was so much of happiness on is face and everywhere around us.
Happiness is an important word in Sikhism, the Guru Granth Sahib (the Sikh holy book) continually warns man not to leave the world behind to find happiness.
A man will not find happiness away from the world in which he lives.
I whish this child to find the right way to happiness in his life.

Dedicated to Serving All

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06 Dedicated to Serving All

As I was walking around the holy tank of the Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar, this young Punjabi asked me to make a few shots of him and his friend in front of the Golden Temple.
He gave me his camera and then he took some of me with mine.
This picture was shot when he was watching the pictures of him on his camera.

It was a few weks ago when the heat was unbearable, nevertheless he was standing under the sun with grace and dignity and I remember thinking that all those people around me were standing like princes, kings and queens with their turbans and veils like crowns.
Actually the turban is how Sikhs, men and women alike, crown themselves as the Singhs and Kaurs who sit on the throne of commitment to their own higher consciousness.
The turban doesn’t represent anything except complete commitment, it is a signal to others that they live in the image of Infinity and are dedicated to serving all.

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