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Stand with Anna Hazare

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”Bliss does not come from outside, it comes from inside, from serving the people.”
(Kisan Baburao Hazare known as Anna Hazare – Indian Anti-corruption activist, b.1937)

I am using this picture showing men wearing Gandhi caps along the Ganges in Varanasi (Benaras) as a dedication to Anna Hazare who was jailed in Delhi a few hours ago.
Those caps are commonly worn by Indian independence activists and tonight many of his supporters are wearing it as a symbol of their fight.

On August 16, 2011 Anna Hazare, an Indian social activists fighting for the noble cause of anti-corruption was arrested four hours before the planned indefinite hunger strike due to disagreement between Civil Society and UPA Government over a strong anti-corruption bill commonly called as Jan-Lokpal Billand and was sent to Tihar jail located in the west of New Delhi.
Along with Hazare, other key members of the India Against Corruption movement including Arvind Kejriwal, Shanti Bhushan, Kiran Bedi and Manish Sisodia were also detained from different locations.
It was reported that about 1,300 supporters were detained in Delhi.
Earlier Shehla Masood, Anna Hazare’s supporter and RTI activist was shot dead in Bhopal.
Anna Hazare received massive and unanticipated support from people across the country.
Tonight peaceful protest rallies and marches were held all over the country against government’s move of arresting Hazare and others.

This is an important page of the history of India which is happening now with the beginning of a new democracy.
Anna Hazare became a symbol gathering any kind of people, from any part of the country, with any religion, from any generation and any social background.

Anna Hazare is an inspiration to the whole world, he is giving a new meaning for politics and a hope for better tomorrows.
“Jai Hind…Bharat Maata Ki Jai…!!!”……