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Avijit Ghosh, a Multidisciplinary Artist

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Source: Avijit Ghosh, a Multidisciplinary Artist

“Jaisalmer”, Red Halo iconic design

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For anyone who has been following RED HALO…

Red Halo

Since the first collection, Red Halo introduced a specific design reminding the Mughal’s royal court magnificence.

BAN banner TC A

It was designed by Manish Gupta and inspired by a Persian carpet style, in a way it was making a bridge between the carpet industry that he knew so well and this interior company which needed some distinctive elements of style as a framework and in order to become recognizable in the future.

Jai 02

The challenge was to make this style timeless and to be able to use it on almost any item whether it is embroidered on a tablecloth, a throw, a cushion or a scarf but also carved on a box, a glass, a vase or an incense stick holder.

Jai 03

The colour impulse given by Laurent Goldstein was bringing a little something from the world of Parisian couture with unsual colour combinations, fuchsia pink with Chartreuse or turquoise with lime green contrasting with…

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Our show-room in Benares (Varanasi)

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If you want to know more about us…

Red Halo

show room 01

Our show-room in Benares was thought with neutral colours and simple contemporary elements which allow to emphasize our products.

We keep this concept for the booths we settle all over the world when we show our collections during exhibitions and fairs or for the Red Halo shops and corners in stores.

show room 02

In the entrance stands a big statue of Lord Ganesha in order to welcome our visitors as the patron of arts and sciences and the deva of intellect and wisdom.

show room 03

This is also the location of our design studio and our workshop of textile creations where we manufacture our samples and where we make the prototype constructions.

Our clients are welcome on appointment in this oasis of freshness and calm in the centre of a busy urban environment.

show room 04

If you are planning to visit Benares and want to visit us please contact us at

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