Gone With The Wind


“Looking back on my life, I sigh.
The caprice of youth goes with the wind, I’ve no regrets.”
(“Rooftop Soliloquy” by Roman Payne)

Sometimes in summer this young man comes to rest for a moment on the stairs of a Vishnu temple which stands under Nepali ghat.
This location allows him to keep on eye on the herd of water buffalos which he is taking care of.
Most of the time he has to jump in the holy waters of the Ganges when the cattle refuses to leave.
I often take some pictures of him and his animals and once in a while he also comes to the akhara nearby where he is training for a short while.

This is a new picture from a series of 16 published in the new issue of Mascular Magazine (from page 136 to page 145),
(When opening this magazine be aware that there are a few pictures with “explicit content” there)

Join the photographer at www.facebook.com/laurent.goldstein.photography

© All photographs are copyrighted and all rights reserved.
Please do not use any photographs without permission (even for private use).
The use of any work without consent of the artist is PROHIBITED and will lead automatically to consequences.

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