The Heart of the Mandala of Creation


“Brahma once weighed the heavens against Kashi.
And Kashi, being heavier, sank while the skies, despite all the gods who lived there, rose upwards.”
(Adi Shankara – Hindu philosopher, 788-820)

A view of the Ganges through a silk saree drying under the morning sun at Rajendra Prasad Ghat in Varanasi (Benaras).
“Kashi outweighed the heavens because the whole cosmos is contained within its five Kroshas.
All that is auspicious in creation is here.
All that is powerful and sacred is here.
All the 330 million gods are here.
All knowledge resides here.
All tirthas are here.
All eight directions radiate from here.
All time is born here.
Yet, though Kashi forms the heart of the mandala of creation, it is above it.
It is lokattara or transcendent.”
(From “Varanasi:The Other Reality”)

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