Body & Soul


“Eros (or call it lust if you will), is like a beautiful, magnificent Afghan Hound!
A pure white Afghan Hound commanding respect and honor!
But if you take the Afghan Hound and lock it in a small cage, shun it and look upon it badly, treat it as a pestilence and wish that it would die; that same creature of beauty will become a vile, unrepentant, dark creature of the shadows!
Untrusting, hidden in the corner, aggressive… something that will harm others and yourself!
But is this the nature of the creature, is this the fault of the creature?
Or are YOU the one who has created the monster that it has become?
And this is my philosophy: that we are both corporeal and incorporeal beings, therefore, the same amount of good intent MUST be given to both our soul and our body!”
(C. JoyBell C. – Poet, Essayist, Novelist, Philosopher and Author)

This picture was shot a few days ago at the upper terrace of my office in Varanasi (Benaras) with natural light.

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