An Absolute Necessity

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“The work is an absolute necessity for me.
I can’t put it off, I don’t care for anything but the work; that is to say, the pleasure in something else ceases at once and I become melancholy when I can’t go on with my work.
Then I feel like a weaver who sees that his threads are tangled, and the pattern he had on the loom is gone to hell, and all his thought and exertion is lost.”
(From “Stranger on the Earth : A Psychological Biography of Vincent Van Gogh” (1996) by Albert J. Lubin, p. 22)

This is one of our handloom workshops in Varanasi (Benaras).
Varanasi weavers have to struggle with many issues since the industry collapsed fifteen years ago and half the workshops of the city had to close.
RED HALO has settled a program in order to help a few of them, it is a drop in the ocean but in our humble and limited way we are trying to maintain a few people to carry on this amazing heritage which remains in the Eternal city.

RED HALO is a collection of household linen based in Benaras (Varanasi – India) providing work to people who were living with difficulties and education to children.
“Like” the RED HALO page on Facebook and join this human adventure in Varanasi,

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