© Copyrights

© Copyrights

Dear viewers and friends,

Once again I need to precise that all my pictures are copyrighted.
That means that you need my agents’ or my permission if you want to use them.

There is an international convention known as the Berne Convention or WIPO Copyright Treaty which is compulsory to everyone.

The illegal use of of my work is against the social work which is done in Varanasi from its benefit.
Since a while several pages on internet are willfully using my photographs without agreement.
“Madurabeats”, “The Colors Of The World” or “SITI Varanasi TV” are some of them and sometimes there is a fallacy as they pretend that those images belong to them.

From now I am reporting any picture used without the respect of those basic rules and it will lead automatically to consequences.

I also have to watermark my work knowing that this minor inconvenience might disturb some of you.

Have a nice day,

One Response to “© Copyrights”

  1. katedjay Says:

    J’ai vu que vous aviez marqué vos photos très délicatement . et je recconnais là, votre amour des gens. Malgrés ceux qui volent vos oeuvres, vous continuez à partager vos photos et textes avec nous. Un grand merci à vous pour le bonheur que vous nous apportez.

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