A Dialogue Between Civilizations

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“Monuments and archaeological pieces serve as testimonies of man’s greatness and establish a dialogue between civilizations showing the extent to which human beings are linked.”
(Vincente Fox – Mexican politician, former President of Mexico, b.1942)

This is Raj Ghat, the northern most ghat of Varanasi (Benaras), next to the road-cum-rail bridge known as Malviya bridge where the Varuna River flows into the Ganges.
Lord Vishnu is said to have first put his feet here when he came to Varanasi.

Archaelogical excavations carried out at this place revealed a variety of terracotta human and animal figurines which hed light on the cultural and political history of Varanasi from the Sunga to the Gahadaval times and tokens impressed with the well-known obverse designs of the Imperial Gupta coins.
Several heads from Rajghat show unmistakable similarity with the heads on the Greek and Roman coins.
These findings hint of a steady commercial and cultural exchange between India and the western world and reveal the importance of Varanasi as an international centre of trade and commerce on the one hand and culture and art on the other.
The collection can be seen in the Bharat Kala Bhavan in BHU, Varanasi.

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