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“We can often say that our own sufferings and all the catastrophes, unwanted situations, disasters, wars, failures and sicknesses that are happening in our world these days are a combination of different results of a lack of merit and wisdom.
Therefore the practice of intensive and skillful purification is very urgently needed.
Purification in the sense of cleaning our defilement and obscurations accumulated since beginningless time until today, which have come in the form of the ripening negative karmic results.
Of course, besides spiritual practice, we all must be actively stopping all the negative actions, confessing about our negative activities by body, speech and mind and vowing never to do them again.
Practically also we should be going out there to help all the beings, whenever we can when the circumstances arise.
This goes without saying.”
(His Holiness Jigme Pema Wangchen, the Twelfth Gyalwang Drukpa)


This picture was shot at the entrance of Sheh palace which is facing the Himalayan hills of the Tibetan Plateau in Ladakh.



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