Our Last Souls

Our Last Souls

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“…Man gropes and grovels amidst the ruins of his own making, looking for a park of light.
Harassed by fear, choked by sulphurous skies, haunted by planned but meaningless devastation and mass murders, organised by systems perfected through science, Man stands at a land’s end, and faces a traumatic situation of cliff hanging brinkmanship.
And this is the kind of life we propose to bequeath our posterity.
It is a future killed by the present.
We look for a god that is not.
Like “Jerusalem Undelivered” we look for a Varanasi that is not, and yet is.
We search for a faith lost through overspreading; and our widowed hopes reach for a new redemption named Varanasi.
Varanasi retains that lost soul, despite the thrashings she has undergone.
In searching for the lost Varanasi we search for our last souls.”
(from “Varanasi Redicovered” by B. BHattacharya)

This picture was shot along the Ganges from Nepali ghat.


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