Courageous Souls

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“Ajeet Singh and the GURIA organisation work to end the trafficking and forced prostitution of women and children in India. He organises protest marches and has carried out raids on the brothels to rescue children.
The pimps and the brothel owners and the police who protect them see him as a threat to their profits.
On March 25th, 2010, a group of people entered the centre and said that they would break the legs and hands of anyone who attempted to continue teaching the children there.
Ajeet Singh was one of the shortlisted nominees for the 2005 Front Line Award, which is given each year to a human rights defender who has shown exceptional courage.”
(“Courageous souls who risk all to defend human rights”, The Irish Times – Friday, December 31, 2010)

This is a picture of Ajeet and Manju Singh with some of the Guria family.
It was shot from the balcony of the small house which belongs to GURIA in Varanasi (Benaras).
Guria is a Human Rights organisation fighting against the sexual exploitation of women and children, particularly those forced into prostitution and trafficking.
Manju and her husband Ajeet Singh are running this non-profit organisation at great personal risk, providing shelter and hope to many children.
They need any kind of help (money, food, toys, clothes,…) in order to carry on their task.
They are facing many difficulties from all those who would like to use those children as a second generation prostitution.
Manju and Ajeet Singh are modern heroes, this is why I decided to upload a few pictures connected to their work.

There are many ways to help and give a kind of support to Guria, this is its website, and you may contact Manju and Ajeet at


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