Between our Souls

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“What difference is there between us, save a restless dream that follows my soul but fears to come near you?”
(Kahlil Gibran – Lebanese born American philosophical Essayist, Novelist and Poet. 1883-1931)

A few days ago at dawn I was taking a few pictures at Nepali ghat along the Ganges in Varanasi (Benaras) where many pilgrims came to worship the holy waters.
A voice called me but I couldn’t see where it was coming from the crowd around me until someone grabbed the lower part of my pyjama.
Suddenly I saw the smallest person I ever met so far.
We spoke for a while, he was coming from a village located at 12 km away from the Eternal city, he was in fact guiding a group of people to the river, he said he saw me several times at different places with my camera and asked me to take his picture.
I step down a few stairs in order to be at his level and I made several shots of this happy man full of life.
He was wondering why I didn’t ask a tall person to be next to him on the picture as other photographers usually do in order to show the difference.
I told him that I was more interested by his soul.
He took a long time to see what I captured on the screen of my camera and he said that those portraits were nice, for the first time he wasn’t looking a dwarf, he enjoyed them.
He hold my hand for a moment and asked many questions, he wanted to know who I was.
His beautiful soul gave me energy and strengthened my faith…


One Response to “Between our Souls”

  1. YES !
    aT timeS we have tHiS encounTeRS wHicH allow uS to go on…
    kind regaRdS

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