Feeling the Visible World


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“Hinduism is an imaginative, an image-making, religious tradition in which the sacred is seen as present in the visible world – the world we see in multiple images and deities, in sacred places, and in people.
The notion of darsan call attention as students of Hinduism, to the fact that India is a visual and visionary culture, one in which the eyes have a prominent role in the apprehension of the sacred.
For most ordinary Hindus, the notion of the divine as “invisible” would be foreign indeed.
God is eminently visible, although human beings have not always had the refinement of sight to see.
Furthermore, the divine is visible not only in temple and shrine, but also in the whole continuum of life – in nature, in people, in birth and growth and death…”
(“Darsan – Seeing the Divine Image in India” by By Diana L Eck, Professor of Comparative Religion and Indian Studies, Director of The Pluralism Project, at Harvard University, b. 1945)

One afternoon as I was walking along the Ganges in Varanasi (Benaras), I met this Brahman who was praying down Mir ghat nearby the holy waters.
He allowed me to stay with him untill sunset and to take several pictures.
I could feel a “nourishing” energy flowing around him…

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