The Best Cleanser

The Best Cleanser

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“The first most important thing in the world is breathing, the second most important thing in the world is cleansing, and massage is the best cleanser.
To dispel toxins from the body, and to recycle vital life fluid, there is nothing better than massage.
By working with muscles, you make the muscles work.
Then fluids move out and new fluids full of nourishment flow in.
In this way massage expels toxins.

Also, it strengthens the body.
It strengthens the immune system, and it’s soothing.
Even wild animals can be brought under control if you give them a little massage.
If you sit down with a wild animal, and rub its body, hug or touch it, and play with its spine and head, in a few minutes the animal will become very demanding, and say please, give me more massage.
So massage tames the wild beast.

This is the secret Indian women use to control their men.
To get massage, the man runs home.
The house is a heaven where he can relax.”
( Pearls of Wisdom by Harish Johari – Indian author, painter, sculptor, scholar and teacher, 1934-1999)

This was shot at Gai ghat along the Ganges in Varanasi (benaras).
Those men were receiving massage treatment by a brahman who was one of their friend.
They allowed me to take several pictures and the young man explained me the importance of ayurvedic massage on our well being.

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