Mystery at Dusk


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“Mystery is a resource, like coal or gold, and its preservation is a fine thing.”
(Tim Cahill – American writer, b. 1944)

This is a view from the Chaturbhuj Temple in Orchha which is located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.
This unusual Hindu temple built between the years 1558 and 1573 is dedicated to the four-armed deity, Chaturbhuj (chaturbhuj literally means four-armed).
Maharani Ganesh Kunwar, wife of Orchha’s ruler, Raja Madhukar, constructed the temple to specifically house an idol of Lord Rama.
While she was persuading the Lord to travel from his abode in Ayodhya to Orchha, he expressed the desire not to be displaced from the place he’d made his home.
The queen already had an idol of Rama installed in Rani Niwas (her private apartments), and when the Chaturbhuj Temple was completed, she decided to move the deity there.
According to Orchha folklore, Lord Rama refused to move.
The king immediately realised that his wife was honour-bound not to move the idol, and saved the day by installing the idol of Chaturbhuj (Lord Vishnu with four arms) in the temple instead.
That is how the shrine became the Chaturbhuj Temple.
Raja Madhukar Shah provided a kalasha or horn-shaped crown, made of over 100 pounds of pure gold, on top of the temple.
However a few years later robbers made off with the kalasha.
This is the legend associated with the Chaturbhuj Temple…

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