‎”In the Dust of the Lord’s Feet”

In the Dust of the Lord's Feet

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“Bathing in the dust of the Lord’s Feet, one contemplates the Lord and comes not again into the world of form.
And, dedicated to the Guru’s Feet, dispelled are one’s fears and doubts, and one gathers the fruit of one’s heart desire.”
(Sri Guru Granth Sahib – Suhi, M. 5)

I was in Gwalior, which is located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, during one of the hotest days of summer and one morning I was on my way to the top of the hill where stands the fort and the temples complex when I met a lady who asked me for a drive.
She was going to the Gurdwara Data Bandi Chor Sahib in order to pay homage to Guru Hargobind.
She told me that she was going there every day and that most of the time she was walking along that long road leading to the temple.
She was very touching, her attitude was showing that she was a simple women, naive and innocent however she had that kind of class and dignity that I often see among Sikh ladies.
Her faith means everything to her, she is devoted to the Almighty.
I came with her inside the Gurdwara where she was meeting two old men.
We all sat nearby this door which was opened and allowing us to be in a stream of air and we shared a few words for a while.
I took some pictures, they enjoyed to see them.
It was very peaceful, no one else came to disturb that moment of grace where I felt I was “in the dust of the Lord’s Feet”…

This picture is an opportunity to wish a
Happy World Photography Day to all of you…!!!

2 Responses to “‎”In the Dust of the Lord’s Feet””

  1. in the face of the divine we are content;
    why do we return to our little sorrow´s ?
    kind regards!

  2. shanti om

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