Avatāra (अवतार)

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“Do you know who ‘god’ is?
God is not Vishnu or Shiva or Brahma; not the wind, the sun nor the moon; nor the brahmana or the king; not I or you; not Lakshmi or the mind.
God is without form and undivided (not in the objects); that splendor which is not made and which has neither beginning nor end is known as god, or Lord Shiva, which is pure consciousness.
That alone is fit to be worshipped; that alone is all.”
(Sage Vasishtha – Mānasaputra (“mind son”) of Brahma)

This sculture stands on the building’s wall of the little museum which is at the entrance of the Sampurnanand Sanskrit University in Varanasi (Benaras).
It was sculpted during the the golden age period most probably in the second century A.D.
Apparently this avatar of God should be Lord Shiva even though he is not wearing any rudraksh.
The animal represented as the vehicule seems to be Nandi, the bull which Shiva rides and the gate keeper of Shiva and Parvati in Hindu mythology.

One Response to “Avatāra (अवतार)”

  1. in space without time, ageless beauty looks at uS !
    thank you for sharing your eye´s sight.
    best regards

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