The Existence of Soul

The Existence of Soul

“Je aayaa se vinnaayaa, je vinnaayaa se aayaa (The self is the knower, and the knower is the self)”.
(Acharanga – 1/5/5)

“In this sentence, the word soul/self is used as a subjective as well as an objective.
In reality, the soul is non-verbal.
A word cannot be synonymous with the soul.
The soul is unknowable, invisible, undetectable, imperceptible and of non-corporeal existence.
He who knows is knowledge; the self does not become a knower with knowledge as an unrelated instrument.
The very self develops knowledge, and all the objects stand (reflected) in the knowledge.
In the absence of the self there cannot be (any) knowledge; therefore, knowledge is the self…”
(The Concept Of Embodied Soul And Liberated Soul In Jain Philosophy by Dr. Mahavir Saran Jain – more at )

This picture was shot at sunset under Gwalior Fort where 24 Jain thirthankara (saint) rockcut statues are overlooking the city of the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh since the seventh century a.d…

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