A True Sage

A True Sage

“Earth is afflicted and wretched, it is hard to teach, it has no discrimination.
Unenlightened men, who suffer from the effects of past deeds, cause great pain in a world full of pain already, for in earth souls are individually embodied.
If, thinking to gain praise, honour, or respect … or to achieve a good rebirth . . . or to win salvation, or to escape pain, a man sins against earth or causes or permits others to do so. . . . he will not gain joy or wisdom. . .
Injury to the earth is like striking, cutting, maiming, or killing a blind man . . .
Knowing this man should not sin against earth or cause or permit others to do so.
He who understands the nature of sin against earth is called a true sage who understands karma. . .”
(Acaranga Sutra, Jainism – Prayer n°3942)

This is a close-up of a Jain thirthankara (saint) rockcut statue on the way from Gwalior Fort by the Urwahi Gate.
Gwalior is in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and its fort stands on an isolated rock, overlooking the city.
24 Jain sculptures stands there and can be traced back to the seventh century a.d..
The tallest of the lot is nearly 20 metres, and is characterised by its rigid posture and rounded modelling.

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