“In India, everyone seems to know this.
Philosophy isn’t a form of gymnastics, it isn’t the monopoly of the educated, it isn’t reserved for academies, schools, or “philosophers”.
Philosophy in India is part of life; it is Ariandne’s thread leading the way out of the labyrinth of ignorance.
Philosophy is the religion offering a hoped-for salvation, which, for Indians, means knowledge.
Not “useful” knowledge for the sake of manipulating, possessing, changing, or dominating the world; but rather, as sacred texts say, “that knowledge which once attained leaves nothing else to know”: self-knowledge.”
(from “India Notes” by Tiziano Terzani – Italian journalist and writer,1938-2004)

Tiziano Terzani wrote about India like no other, his words are deeply connected to anything I see through my camera.
This sadhu was walking along the Ganges at Bhonsle Ghat in Varanasi (Benaras) where time seems to have decided to stop for ever, as if the atmosphere there wanted to be wrapped in a veil of philosophy, of self-knowledge…

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One Response to “Self-knowledge”

  1. the capacity to get to know our-self´s
    make life so precious.
    thanks for this picture,
    the sadhu might not see so well,
    but seek´s!

    kind regards

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