To Conquer Oneself

“To conquer oneself is a greater task than conquering others”.
(Siddhārtha Gautama, the Buddha)

This seated Buddha is sheltered in a room which is barely opened to visitors in Hemis Gompa which is a Tibetan monastery located in the Himalayan hills, on the opposite side of the Singge Tsangpo river (Indus) in Ladakh (Jammu and Kashmir).
I was surprised by the beard and the turban which give a Muslim influence to the statue.
This unusual piece is surrounded by impressive painted walls of a high quality.
There was a natural light coming from the open door.


One Response to “To Conquer Oneself”

  1. here where we realize us in the ” other ” we do not need to conquer no more; why fight with our-self´s ?
    i-mages with the power to ex-press our im-pressions!
    thanks agin & kind regards

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