Imagination at the Wind’s Will

“Imagination is like a lofty building reared to meet the sky – fancy is a balloon that soars at the wind’s will”
(Frank Gelett Burgess – American artist, poet and author, 1866 – 1951)

This is the 500 years old Durga Temple (मुगलसराय सिटी), located in Ramnagar on the opposite bank to Varanasi (Benaras).
We came by boat, it was a long trip then and we had to find a rickshaw in order to reach that place which was far away.
At the gate a pandit refused to let us go in because it was time for him to have a nap.
Hopefully Phileas Fogg offered to join him in his balloon in order to see that amazing temple from the sky above the clouds.

2 Responses to “Imagination at the Wind’s Will”

  1. imagination reaching behond the obvious;
    worlds within, made to see…
    thanks & gretings !

  2. imagination without limitations.. a great priviledge for everyone..

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