The Dark Night of the Soul

The Dark Night of the Soul

This picture was shot at Darabhanga Ghat along the Ganges in Varanasi (Benaras), the oldest living city in the world, where a group of sadhus decided to stay since a few weeks.
This child is living among them following the rules of asceticism.
I wonder if this boy decided himself to become such and then where did he find this enormous amount of energy and the wiseness to understand the moral overscrupulousness of the ascetic which made him doubt the propriety of pleasure…
I wonder what happened in order that he had this feeling of inadequacy to the demands of life.
His journey makes him fly from the world and from life therein and allows him to live an immersion of the self in a fantastic world where maybe he sees the dark night of the soul…

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One Response to “The Dark Night of the Soul”

  1. Hi Laurent,
    I always enjoy your photos and commentary. It’s always possible the boy in this photo may have been a street child or that may have been his only other option. I knew many religious mendicant street children in West Africa who were quite ascetic. They lived in such poverty that it was only a short step to asceticism. And indeed, when you have so little, to give it up seems wiser than to strive for what may be unattainable riches and sensual pleasures. You may gain a greater freedom, the freedom from desire.

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