210 000 “golden” viewers

Those past days I was too busy to make a picture with me in order to celebrate my 10 000 new viewers like I always do.
Thank YOU all, you have been 216 284 Flickr viewers, 65 232 Ipernity viewers and 85 719 visitors on my Worpress photo-blog.
I really appreciate your support, kind comments and mails.

This picture was shot last Saturday evening at Queritica Gallery in Varanasi (Benaras) while the Culture Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Subhash Pandey was visiting my photo exhibtion “THE GOLDEN HOURS – A daydream in Benaras”.

With this image I wanted to thank Yogesh Agrawal who kindly invited me to show my work in his gallery which is facing the Ganges where most of my pictures were taken.
I also want to thank Swami Avimukteswaranand Saraswati who opened the show, the Culture Minister for his kind words, my friends and Indian family for their support, and the visitors who gave a significance to my work, showing that whoever we are we are all brothers and sisters.


One Response to “210 000 “golden” viewers”

  1. OH congrats on your show and your ‘count’. grins

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