The Sleep of Reason

The Sleep of Reason


“Childhood is the sleep of reason.”
(Jean-Jacques Rousseau – French philosopher, 1712-1778)

It was too hot that day in Varanasi (Benaras) and I left the ghats along the Ganges where there was no air.
As I was walking into a narrow street of Kashi, the oldest part of the city, I saw some amazing tiles on a wall with images of several Gods that I started to take in pictures.
Suddenly I heard a voice calling me from the upper levels of the building:
“Hey uncle, take my picture!”
And this young boy was waving at me, I took several shots and he started to bend over the window trying to give me the best smile.
His mother came in time shouting that if he was jumping I would have a better picture.
We all burst laughing, it was a happy moment and it is now a sweet memory captured with my camera.


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