Ô Benaras

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Most of the pictures that I upload are from the Eternal city however I don’t often show large views like this one.
Maybe because Benaras allows to make inner journeys and to feel the deepest parts of the soul.
As time goes by my I am making more close-ups than landscapes as if I was trying to go inside the mind of the people I meet or of the things I see.
I believe that this must be a normal step in my quest for the “Remembrance of Things Past” which I started searching there several years ago.
This image was shot from Anand’s boat along the Ganges while we were approaching Dasashvamedha ghat, the main ghat of the City of Lights.

“The Ganges front is the supreme showplace of Benares.
Its tall bluffs are solidly caked from water to summit, along a stretch of three miles, with a splendid jumble of massive and picturesque masonry, a bewildering and beautiful confusion of stone platforms, temples, stair flights, rich and stately palaces….soaring stairways, sculptured temples, majestic palaces, softening away into the distances; and there is movement, motion, human life everywhere, and brilliantly costumed – streaming in rainbows up and down the lofty stairways, and massed in metaphorical gardens on the mile of great platforms at the river’s edge.”
(Mark Twain, American Writer – 1835-1910)

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One Response to “Ô Benaras”

  1. Timeless. When I see a picture like this I think, who wouldn’t want to be in India.

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