India’s Cellphone Revolution


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This is a picture of a sadhu shot along the holy waters of the Ganges in Varanasi (Benaras).
India has a capacity of keeping its traditions while ajusting to modernity.
In the oldest living city in the world everything seems to stay still and some people might only see static images frozen in time however after giving a second glance it is easy to realize that even there things are in the midst of constant change.
Revolutions come slow but life changes fast and in the instant this holy man with a naked body, long matted hair and beard, appears wearing his mobile phone among religious symbols such as rudraksh beads necklaces.
The contrast says so much about today’s India, a country that manages to live in several centuries at the same time.

India tax policies keep telecommunications costs low and therefore it is cheap for people to call on their cellphones.
This cellphone revolution is not only an economic transformation for the most affluent, but a change in the social classes allowing people who in the old days would not even have dreamed to have a land line number to stay connected…

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