Unknown Feelings


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“Who has not found the Heaven below / Will fail of it above …
His eagerness, his voracity, a blood memory, in the sense that he can extract more from his life than what he has really lived.
He must have a will to explore unknown feelings and dare to feel them.
This may seem terrifying, but it has to be done because there is no other option.”
(Martha Graham – American Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer of modern dance, 1894-1991)

One more picture of that old man who came to take a bath near Nepali ghat along the Ganges in Varanasi (Benaras).
He was adding several layers of fabrics over his garments in a kind of choreography.
The way he was composing and arranging the movements reminded me something of Martha Graham.

Join the photographer at www.facebook.com/laurent.goldstein.photography


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