Waiting for a Second Breath


“There is no blue without yellow and without orange.”
(Vincent van Gogh – Dutch Painter, 1853-1890)

Those silk saris are waiting to be ironed and after they will leave to retail stores.
The whole process which is hand made from the weaving of threads to the dyeing procedure and of course the to embroideries, carries so much of life, involves so many people with each time different stories and different dreams.
It takes about 15 days to one month and sometimes six months to complete a sari according the intricacy of designs and patterns.
For centuries Banarsi traditional weavers have been manufacturing them and they belong to the heritage of Varanasi (Benaras).
This amazing craftsmanship is vanishing, within a few years half workshops closed in the Eternal city.
It is the duty of designers like me to be creative and to find how to give a second breath to those astonishing fabrics in order to contribute to preserve this industry wrapped in its traditions.

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