007 versus 170 000

007 versus 170 000


This week I had 10 000 more viewers on my photostream and I always celebrate this with a picture of me.
I hate to do my self-portrait, it is becoming more and more difficult and I can’t really explain why.
So it was easier to open my photo album and to pick any picture there.
This one is funny, I was a teenager pretending to be 007 at the side of the most famous “Bond girl”…
However this was not shot on the set of Dr No, I was not born at that time (!), but in the begining of the 80’s.

Thank YOU all, you have been 171,918 Flickr viewers, 54 666 Ipernity viewers and 43 394 visitors on my Worpress photo-blog.
I really appreciate your support, kind comments and mails.
Enjoy the end of summer.
Namaste, Salam…

One Response to “007 versus 170 000”

  1. namaste
    –interesting glimpse of ‘you’
    –I don’t know if it’s for the same reasons, but, like you I do not take photos of myself much–unless it’s my reflection caught in the reflection I’m photographing. And in general–I do not ‘create’ involving myself.
    —I’m more drawn to ‘other’ elements than ‘me’.
    shanti om

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