Spreading Happiness

Spreading Happiness


Once again I came back to the upper terrace which is at a few meters from Bivi Razaia Masjid, a small mosque, located in the chawk of Varanasi (Benaras).
Up there I know a Muslim family who works on the dyeing process of the famous silk Banarsi sarees.
In this timeless and magical place, there is an amazing and contagious happiness among everyone and I always leave this opened workshop with a real feeling of contentment.
Maybe this happens because of the colours, colours are everything to me and working all day with colours seems to be the most beautiful job.
People there became my friends, they are in a different world, away from a kind of modernity and they show an absence of artificiality.
They bear a real kindness in everything they do and say which is naturaly the true nature of innocence.
I come there and take pictures at regular times almost every season and I always give them some prints that they enjoy.
The night before I took this picture we met by chance along the Ganges and they invited me for dinner at their place.
They don’t speak English so I have to attempt to speak Urdu and each time it allows me to nelieve that I have been progressing a little.
That day was one of the hotest of the year and after his work this young man wanted to take a shower in order to look clean with a fresh shirt and a nice hair style for a kind of official portrait that he asked me to make.
I started a few shots before, trying to catch that happiness and innocence.
He gave me more as usual with this generous smile like he did last December on another portrait.


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