Drifting into a Flow of Faith

07 Drifting into a Flow of Faith

This young Punjabi was in praise in front of the Golden Temple in Amritsar, in the Indian state of Punjab.
Each time my work takes me to the holiest city in Sikhism I always enjoy to visit the Harmandir Sahib.
I can stay for hours there drifting into this amazing flow of faith which can’t spare any visitor of one of the oldest Sikh gurdwaras.
It is always a moment of bliss and I can’t find any words to explain this feeling of being between heaven and earth.
I am feeding my soul with images of devotees like this young man who lives in the image of Infinity and is dedicated to serving all.

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One Response to “Drifting into a Flow of Faith”

  1. I am glad that you are filling your soul with these images…then sharing them with us, because they fill our souls too. Thank you! I love this image. It brings me to sacred pause…

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