With Devotion

05 With Devotion

This young man was praying with devotion facing the Golden Temple in Amritsar, the holiest city in Sikhism which is located in the state of Punjab in India.
The reflection of the sun in the holy tank was providing an amazing contrast with vivid colours between the background and the turban.

Turbans come in every color and pattern but there are three colors most commonly worn: white, deep blue, and saffron orange.
White turbans are worn to extend the aura and the person’s projection.
Royal blue or navy blue turbans are common among Sikh ministers and gyanis, especially in India.
The blue is the color of the warrior and of protection.
Saffron orange is the third Sikh color and is commonly worn by Sikhs worldwide.
Orange represents wisdom.
Black turbans can represent surrender of the ego.
Other colors of turbans don’t have a significance associated with them.
Sometimes it’s just a case of fashion, of matching a turban to a business suit, for example.

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