A Candid picture for 160 000 views

A Candid picture for 160 000 views


I had 10 000 more viewers who visited my photostream and the tradition is to celebrate this uploading a picture with me.
This picture was shot a few weeks ago in front of the Golden Temple in Amritsar, the holiest city in Sikhism, located in the state of Punjab (India).
I met those kids a while before as they were bathing in the holy tank, they didn’t mind that I took a few portraits of them.
Later I realized that they were following me around the temple, we took a few shots of all of us, like this candid picture and they kept on asking me so many things about photography, sometimes I couldn’t even find any answer, it was amazing to see how full of enthusiasm they were.
Maybe one day they’ll become photographers…

One more thing, after uploading another picture at Golden Temple, I had funny comments concerning the scarf I was wearing.
In order to clarify, I don’t try to become a pirate (!) but being head covered is compulsory for both men and women when visiting a Gurdwara or any other holy Sikh place, it is a sign of respect (like in many other religions). 
You also have to remove your shoes if you enter a place of worship.

Thank you again to all of you for your supportive comments and mails.
Thank you, Dhanyavad, Shukriya…


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  1. namatse great eye !

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