Facing the Minotaur


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“Deucalion: My God is ready for his meat! Let us see the mouth of hell. Open the gates!
[goes towards the two virgins]
Deucalion: Do not be afraid, you spirits will lie warm in the belly of the bull, and your flesh will taste sweeter, now that it’s aroused.
[yelling down the hole]
Deucalion: Come, POWERFUL ONE! Come SEE what I have brought you! COME TASTE! “
(from the movie “Minotaur” – 2006)

Because of the unbearable heat in Varanasi (Benaras), this shepherd gives his herd of water buffalos a bath in the Ganges almost every evening nearby Nepali ghat.
They enjoy the water so much that sometimes they refuse to go back and then the shepherd has to be creative in order to make them leave.

Join the photographer at www.facebook.com/laurent.goldstein.photography


2 Responses to “Facing the Minotaur”

  1. to be so open that the creature can find its space, its place in me…

    thanks for the wonderfull pic´s & kind regards

  2. Okay, I don’t know what I enjoy more–the photo or your explanation–your water is lovely–the scenario–wow–thinking about those water buffalo not wanting to leave the water and having to be coaxed out…wonderful…thanks–I think you’ve handed me a poem…thanks much!

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