“All those Lustful People”

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“O Indra, destroy all those lustful people behaving like birds…. angry ones behaving like wolves…. greedy ones behaving like vultures…. enticed ones like owls….. arrogant ones like eagles and the jealous ones behaving like dogs.”
The Atharvaveda is a sacred text of Hinduism, and one of the four Vedas, often called the “fourth Veda”.
It is considered by many to be as dark and secret knowledge, pertaining to the spirits and the afterlife.

Once again I am working on the catalogue of our new collection for next winter.
Recently I took this picture of Anand, our favourite model, at the upper terrace which is on the top of our office where I always find a nice natural light.
The style of this woolen throw is inspired by the Mughal designs (RED HALO – Winter 2009-10).

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One Response to ““All those Lustful People””

  1. …the most masculine image of a really masculine guy.

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