The Little Sunshine of Ladakh

The Little Sunshine of Ladakh


This lady is a Buddhist nun, I met her as she was leaving an important ceremony in a Dharamsala in Leh, the capital of Ladakh in the Himalayan hills.
She was among many other women and there was so much of happiness and youth in her.
She wanted to see the pictures I took and she made many jokes about herself and the other nuns and monks who where captured in my camera.
She couldn’t see well so she took her time trying to focus the little screen.
I think that she must be very old even though she still had an amazing energy.
Later it was not easy to leave her, she was really sweet and very touching.

I’ll try to keep this little sunshine in a corner of my mind for the rest of my life.


2 Responses to “The Little Sunshine of Ladakh”

  1. love expressed…
    thank you !
    kind regards

  2. Hi, I have a blog of my own, a recovery blog of sorts. I typed in sunshine into Google and was blessed with this image. She’s gorgeous. Everything about her face says happiness, joy and sunshine. Thank you for posting this and thank you for sharing her with us!

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